IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat October 2015

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October 16th – 18th 2015 – Peralada Spain

shift 2020 and Claro Partners present the “IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat“ – a brand new, groundbreaking two-day custom designed workshop at a beautiful luxury 5-star resort in Spain.

Designed and led by Digital Strategist Rudy de Waele, and Innovation Philosopher Humberto Schwab, the IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat, (#ISTR), will give you exclusive industry insights which shall empower you to use the IoT (Internet of Things) as a source of competitive advantage for profitable and sustainable growth.

Over the two days you will have group and individual coaching sessions, exploring how to transform your company, brand or project’s productivity, using new approaches to business agility and innovation within the IoT framework.

Aldo de Jong, co-founder of Claro will give an overview of the emerging IoT business landscape, and will share his company’s perspective on the need for the IoT to be people-centred from the start. He will share their toolkit for doing this, and will talk about their work with startups in the IoT space.

Socratic Design

Socratic Design is a method to investigate assumptions and their impact on our thinking and acting. It is a radical approach that can eliminate the thinking that was fitted for the past culture and technology. It instantaneously create individuals into a new collaborative intelligent group that by the art of listening create new frames, concepts and lines of reasoning that is capable of a perspective of meaning fitted to understand actual technology and culture challenges.

People want to change everything except them; Socratic Design is a philosophical approach that facilitates new thinking collectively.

Design Thinking is related to the services and products that we want to create, Socratic Design creates new horizons of values in which the process of design can take radical new dimensions. In Socratic Design we can transform the way we think about good life experiences or about basic concepts like money, property, usefulness, comfort and happiness.

You will:

  • Learn about trends and IoT opportunities in different industry sectors
  • Embrace explorative thinking and learn how to stop old ways of thinking
  • Become more agile in creating good strategies and paradigms
  • Develop strong value scenarios for your business
  • Create lean products using rapid prototyping
  • Resolve to stay on top of fast disruptive change

Why you should attend

This is a not to miss unique and rare opportunity to gain coaching, industry insights and IoT knowledge that can assist your business growth and personal development, in an intimate setting.

You will be able to share your challenges and experiences amongst other business and industry leaders, professionals and disrupters from vast range of diverse backgrounds – using the proven disciplined method of Socratic Design.

Real transformation needs a surrounding of peace and joy that opens the mind. This is exactly what we are creating with the shift 2020 Transformation Retreats.

Creativity, change and transformation require an inspiring environment. At Hotel Peralada Resort, you will find tranquil surroundings, and be able to partake in a variety of leisure interests as part of this weekend – whether its art, music, yoga, wine tasting, sport or gastronomic enjoyment. All situated in the wonderful Emporda, guaranteed to deliver a complete mindfulness experience.

An optional day can be enjoyed on Sunday visiting Cadaques and the Dali Museum in Port Lligat in great company.

Who should attend?

–       Decision-makers
–       Business leaders
–       Innovation Manager
–       Digital Strategists
–       CxO’s
–       Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

In other words: people …

  • Who have awareness of what is at risk and what are the challenges ahead.
  • Who embrace explorative thinking and who understand we need other ways of thinking.
  • Who dare to compete using different approaches and paradigms.
  • Who want to share an effort to develop new horizons.
  • Who have big impact and want to increase this.
  • Who are capable of connecting different disciplines, silos and different domains of business and science.
  • Who want to transform their lines of thoughts and ideas, or themselves in order to be prepared for anything!

The value you get

On a Personal level:

  • The experience of self transformation thanks to new insights in the working of our thought system, new neuroscience insights and new insights in the basic assumptions of our society and thanks to old and new insights of ages of philosophy.
  • The awaking of hidden potentials that can have impact on life and work.
  • The experience of the generating power of communal Socratic dialogues and the experience of thinking from scratch.
  • The capacity to connect really and to practice the art of listening.

For your Business:

  • A method to transform your breakthrough business unit in an agile, strongly united, explorative mind that embraces uncertainty.
  • Increased practical intelligence on strategy, ethics, client’s community, explorative goals.
  • Tools to make explicit the tacit knowledge of your company and use this to realize breakthrough scenarios.
  • Knowledge on the front of IoT, future scenarios, business horizons.
  • New network of leaders.

Location, time, program and price


Hotel Peralada – C/ Rocabertí, s/n | 17491 Peralada (Girona)
30 minutes from Girona airport (most EU-cities have direct flights to Girona Airport)
90 minutes car drive from Barcelona airport
Fast train takes you to Figueres in 55 minutes (trains 8 times/day from Barcelona)
We’ll pick you up from Figueres!


Friday October 16th to Sunday 18th, 2015


Participants are requested to arrive on Thursday evening and can leave Saturday evening or go for the optional extra day on Sunday.

Thursday, October 15

Guests arrive in the evening and can socialise with other participants

Friday, October 16

  • Yoga session (beginners & advanced – open class)
  • Breakfast
  • Socratic Design Lab
  • Workshop introduction by Rudy De Waele on the major trends (industry and consumers): “How IoT Will Transform Any Business”
  • Aldo de Jong presents the Claro Partners “IoT Toolkit”
  • Breakout session and “Introduction to Socratic Design” with Humberto Schwab
  • Value creation session, create moral frames
  • Appreciative Inquiry session, create the body of knowledge on best practices in breakthrough innovations
  • Socratic dialogue: identifying key questions
  • Lunch
  • Narratives sessions, development of new stories
  • Socratic dialogues, development of new frames
  • Socratic dialogues, development of new concepts
  • Analysing future trends
  • Assumptions analysis session
  • Create new driving forces related to breakthrough concepts
  • Dinner
  • Preparing new concept scenarios for users based approaches
  • Drinks & discussion on the terrace or around the pool

Saturday, October 17

  • Yoga session (beginners & advanced – open class)
  • Breakfast
  • Presentation new concepts scenarios
  • Socratic dialogues, developments of strategies
  • Future scenario making
  • Socratic dialogue in different scenarios   
  • Socratic dialogues on user level of purposes and values
  • Lunch
  • Presenting 4 socratic design strategies
  • Evaluating with values and purposes
  • Road map to a meaningful future
  • Preparing textbook
  • Relaxation & spa
  • Wine Tasting
  • Dinner

Sunday, October 18 (3-Day package)

  • Socratic Network group hike session in Cap de Creus.
  • Visit to the Dali Museum in Port Lligat (optional).
  • Degustation lunch in Compartir, one of the best restaurants in Spain, owned by the legendary elBulli cooks.

Book now!

2-Day package


– 2 hotel nights / double standard room
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday
– Morning yoga sessions
– Wine tasting session

Price: 2,000 Euro / 1,500 GBP + VAT – BOOK your participation now on Eventbrite as we have limited seats!

3-Day package


– Everything from the 2-Day package.
– Extra hotel night (double standard room) incl. breakfast.
– Socratic Network group hike session in Cap de Creus.
– Visit to the Dali Museum in Port Lligat.
– A degustation lunch in the Compartir restaurant in Cadaques

Price: 2,500 Euro / 1,860 GBP +VAT – BOOK your participation now on Eventbrite as we have limited seats!

Note: feel free to bring your partner; the only extra charges will be for the food consumed per extra person.


Rudy de Waele at or +447803504624.

About Claro Partners

Claro Partners is an international business innovation and service design firm. We make sense of disruptive shifts in business and society to develop new market opportunities, strategies and business models. By combining social science, design thinking and business strategy, we lead our clients to solutions that create value for both business and for society.

Claro has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies to detail the emergence of Micro-Businesses, Digital Natives, Personal Data Economy, the Sharing Economy, and the Internet of Things, and we use this knowledge base to help our corporate clients create innovative products, services and experiences.

As innovation is shifting towards startups and lean startup methodologies, Claro is on the forefront of that trend, through co-founding Startupbootcamp IoT & Data in Barcelona, working with startups directly and incorporating lean methods in our work.

About Humberto Schwab

Humberto Schwab developed the Socratic Design method to (re)design strategies and contexts for business, education, government and NGO´s. In Socratic Design people will reach a collective higher level of intelligence to create new organisational cultures, services, apps and products; incorporating the good values of tradition and the breakthrough concept based on new philosophical and ethical concepts of man and environment.

He did socratic design labs for Paris Digital, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Municipality of Amsterdam, Innovation Group Berlin and for companies like RABO bank, Reaktor Helsinki. Electrabel. MUCHO Barcelona and the Waag Society Amsterdam.

About shift 2020

shift 2020, led by Rudy de Waele, assists companies with the most recent technology trend updates, analysis, ideas and methodologies to re-invent business using presentations, workshops, think tanks and brainstorms.

Over the past 20 years, Rudy worked with several startups and has coached CXOs on how to unpack grassroots innovations posing a risk to core business and how to predict staying ahead of the early adopter to mass-market conversion. He has helped diverse global brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel, Louis Vuitton, PayPal, Samsung and World Bank.

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