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shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter #6

\\\\\\\\\\ Subscribe to shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter here ////////// Welcome to this weeks shift 2020 Brain Food #6 newsletter with insights on digital transformation changing our world in business and society. This week’s topics include Sustainability / Cleantech, AI, VR, BitCoin, Blockchain, and Search. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this newsletter and which sections you like the most by simply replying to this email or to send me your feedback, tips [...] Read More

Sustainability, the Soul of Technology

A couple of weeks ago, I presented at the Technology Ventures Conference in Cambridge, UK on “Sustainability, the Soul of Technology”. It was a challenging presentation for me as I included lots of new material and research in front of a crowd of academics, investors and entrepreneurs. I like these kind of challenges and present new material on stage. Sustainability is such a broad topic and there is so much [...] Read More

shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter #2

Welcome to the second weekly shift 2020 Brain Food newsletter including links and insights on the technological changes impacting business and society. Thanks to all for your comments and feedback on this newsletter launch of last week. You can reply to this mail to send your feedback, tips & links to add, or to discuss and improve this newsletter. So, here we go again. Enjoy! IoT A lot of positive reactions [...] Read More

IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat October 2015

October 16th – 18th 2015 – Peralada Spain shift 2020 and Claro Partners present the “IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat“ – a brand new, groundbreaking two-day custom designed workshop at a beautiful luxury 5-star resort in Spain. Designed and led by Digital Strategist Rudy de Waele, and Innovation Philosopher Humberto Schwab, the IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat, (#ISTR), will give you exclusive industry insights which shall empower you to use the IoT (Internet of [...] Read More

3D Printing and its Impact on Real Estate

Here are the slides from my talk for the Center for Real Estate at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, April 22, 2015. 3D Printing and its Impact on Real Estate from Rudy De Waele The slides are currently featured on the Slideshare homepage. +1.000.000 people have viewed my presentations online. You can view various Slideshare presentations on different topics here

How 3D Printing Will Impact Our Future (article)

(this article was originally published on The Next Web on September 20, 2014) The first time I saw a 3D-printer in action was when I participated to the Singularity University Executive Program in the spring of 2011. It was a place that offered corporate executives and entrepreneurs the tools to predict and evaluate how emerging technologies will disrupt and transform their industries, companies, careers and lives. Since then, I have been following [...] Read More