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Shift 2020 Brain Food #12 – #IoT Stars #Socratic Design #MWC16 #AI #Automation #Demographics

Welcome to the shift 2020 Brain Food #12 newsletter with insights and links to must read articles on digital transformation changing our world in business and society, carefully curated by yours truly. The last two weeks since the Paris attacks have been quite an emotional roller coaster for many of us. We’re living in a world in a constant flow of chaos with more polarisations happening all around us. Just check the [...] Read More

IoT Shifts Conference – October 19-20 in Barcelona

I am excited to announce the IoT Shifts Conference, a new two-day event bringing innovators from the startup, digital and developer communities together with the corporate world to create and advance business opportunities within the Internet of Things (IoT) and explore the intersections between startup innovation ecosystems and corporates moving into the IoT. In partnership with Claro Partners, the conference will be held at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona on October 19-20 [...] Read More

shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter #5

\\\\\\\\\\ Subscribe to shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter here ////////// Welcome to this weeks shift 2020 Brain Food #5 newsletter with insights on digital transformation changing our world in business and society. This week’s topics include lots of FinTech and 3D Printing, IoT, the income shrinking of the middle class, and an item on the complexity of predicting the future. The result of the survey last week is that most people prefer Fridays or weekend over Tuesdays or midweek, [...] Read More

shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter #2

Welcome to the second weekly shift 2020 Brain Food newsletter including links and insights on the technological changes impacting business and society. Thanks to all for your comments and feedback on this newsletter launch of last week. You can reply to this mail to send your feedback, tips & links to add, or to discuss and improve this newsletter. So, here we go again. Enjoy! IoT A lot of positive reactions [...] Read More