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Shift 2020 Brain Food #17 – On Social Change, Polarisation and Crowd Based Capitalism

Welcome to the shift 2020 Brain Food #17 newsletter with news on my activities, insights and links to must read articles on the technological transformations in business and society, carefully curated by yours truly. The header of this newsletter is an image I’ve been using in most of my recent presentations (courtesy of Frank Diana). The slide includes most of my topics and thoughts on the future evolution of exponential technologies. You can see the [...] Read More

shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter #3

Welcome to the third weekly shift 2020 Brain Food newsletter including links and insights on the technological changes impacting business and society. This week highlights include stories on 3D Printing, Robotics, AI, Future Transport, Mobile and Apps, Blockchain and Education. How do I choose the topics for each newsletter? It’s basically a best of collection of what I read during the week. I tend not to focus on the hype technology [...] Read More