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Shift 2020 @ #MWC16 – Final Programs & Some Brain Food

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Here’s the latest info about the shift 2020 events during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Read on for the latest program details and make sure to book your tickets to avoid being left out.

I included some Brain Food with links to the most interesting articles I read this week. I will be coming back with the regular Brain Food content after the Mobile World Congress.

And there’s more goodies inside!

Newsletter highlight this week is a post I wrote together with Humberto Schwab on Learning to live (on the future of learning) in the context of a presentation I did last week at the Learning Technologies conference in London. You can view the slides of this presentation on Slideshare.

You can join us both with some other illustrious souls for another unique Socratic Design Workshop in Cadaqués on February 26-27. This two-day workshop includes an overview of future transformative trends by our special guest and participant Gerd Leonhard.

Next week, I’m doing two Socratic Design workshops in Bucharest, Romania. One for CEO Clubs and one for Next Gen. If you’re interested to organise or participate in a Socratic Design workshop, contact me here.

SHIFT 2020 @ #MWC16

Mobile Sunday 2016 with

Don’t miss the uber networking event before the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN conference in Barcelona, this year in a unique collaboration with with its best edition ever! Hundreds of mobile innovators, investors and journalists from around the world have already registered for what will be a night to remember!

What to expect?

Renowned mobile industry analyst and Andreessen Horowitz partner Ben Evans will be kicking off Mobile Sunday, followed by a fireside chat between Robin Wauters ( and Brenda O’Connell, Twitter EMEA’s tireless director of business development.

Next up, Zack Weisfeld, the General Manager of Microsoft Ventures Global Accelerators, is stopping by to share his thoughts on the world of corporate accelerators, while Jaunt (and former Flipboard) CTO Arthur van Hoff will share a glimpse of the future of virtual reality.

The inimitable Werner Vogels, CTO of, will be closing the event in an interview with Ben Rooney (Informilo, ex-Wall Street Journal) before we retire for beers and bites at the venue (a brewery) and food trucks that will be lined up outside the conference space.

But before that, we also have exciting panels offering deep dives on global entrepreneurship, developers and investors.

Check the final program to see who will be joining us on those panels; they include the likes of Romain Huet (Stripe), Alice Zagury (The Family), Renaud Visage (Eventbrite), Maoiliosa O’Culachain (NASDAQ), Maria Alegre (Chartboost), Siraj Khaliq (The Climate Corp / Atomico), Andreas Bovens (Opera Software), Rodrigo Martinez (Point Nine Capital) and many more!

A number of exciting startups will pitch on stage, including Photomath (Damir Sabol), Trip4real (Gloria Molins), Mapillary (Jan Erik Solem) and Preadly (Inma Martinez). We can’t wait for you to meet all of them!

Early Bird tickets are sold out now. Standard and Late tickets are available (till we run out) on the Eventbrite site. Book now to avoid missing this unique event.

The event is sponsored by NASDAQ Private Market, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and Intercede.

IoT Stars 2016

On Monday, February 22, 2016 at the amazing Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm, 12 IoT startups will be pitching in front of a top-notch jury and our audience. Check out the final program, startups to pitch and the experts in the jury.

The big global players in IoT are all participating in this event: Jonathan Ballon, VP | GM IoT at Intel and Scott Jenson, Product Strategist at Google are both doing a Keynote and judging the startups. The jury includes as well IoT luminaries Rob Tiffany, Global Technology Lead: Internet of Things at Microsoft, Erik Kruse, Strategic Marketing Manager and Networked Society Evangelist at Ericsson, Redg Snodgrass, CEO at ReadWrite and Wearable World, Robin Wauters, Co-founder and editor-in-chief of,  Evan Cohen, Senior Director – Design, Technology and Hardware at Indiegogo, Chris Newton-Smith, CMO at Redknee, Inma Martinez, Technologist, Behavioural Learning Scientist, Qualitative Researcher and Anastasia Emmanuel, General Manager EMEI of BORN.

Early Bird tickets are sold out. Get your Standard or Late tickets here (till we run out). Don’t wait last minute to book as the event sold out last year!

The event is organised by shift 2020 in collaboration with IoT Meetup BCN and supported by Estrella Damm, Intel, Redknee and Indiegogo.

MEF Connects MWC

And we’ve got 10 free tickets to the MEF Connects MWC party (worth €200 each) to Brain Food readers on a first-come, first-served basis. Use the SHIFT_2020 code when you register to the event.

And now for some interesting reads! 

Dave Evans (ex-Chief Futurist @ Cisco) on predicting the future for a living

“By the mid-2020s, futurists will be out of jobs. Machines will do all the predicting, and do it more accurately than even the best human futurists ever did.”

In contrast is the Age of Abundance: how the content explosion will invert the media industry article on REDEF.

“Through thousands of individual curators, each of us will be able to escape the tyranny of averages and the limitations of algorithmic recommendations, as well as benefit from the ability to become tastemakers ourselves.“

Humans 2.0: How the robot revolution is going to change how we see, feel, and talkby Nick Heath

“Robots take away subhuman jobs which we assign to people” and in doing so give them the time and the tools to be better humans.” 

The urgent need for Silicon Valley to lead a smart and civil conversation on inequality

Absolute must read in Vivek Wadhwa’s column in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ):

“We need to have open discussions about the good and bad of technology and soften its negative impact. With robots and artificial intelligence increasingly doing the jobs of human workers and multiple industries being simultaneously disrupted, we are heading into a jobless future and need to rethink the nature of capitalism itself.”

Energy-friendly chip can perform powerful artificial-intelligence tasks

MIT researchers presented a new chip designed specifically to implement neural networks. It is 10 times as efficient as a mobile GPU, so it could enable mobile devices to run powerful artificial-intelligence algorithms locally, rather than uploading data to the Internet for processing.

Andy Rubin unleashed Android on the world. now watch him do the same with AI. Rubin launched Playground Global – not just a new company but a new kind of company.

The New Power Era – Are you living in a “new power” world or still stuck in the old?

Just because it’s such a good post, by Peter Sims.

Read how Marc Andreessen just offended 1 billion Indians with a single tweet 

And it’s not nice what he wrote!

Why Robots Mean Interest Rates Could Go Even Lower In The Future

“As machines become more and more advanced, many workers will lose their jobs and others will see their wages fall. New technology will also increase the chances of a 1990s-style jump in productivity. Those forces will combine to restrain prices across the world economy, meaning that the era of slow inflation now challenging central bankers may only prove a sign of things to come.”

Anant Jhingran, CTO of Apigee, makes a good point why Obsessing Over AI Is the Wrong Way to Think About the Future

First Macroscopic Quantum Entanglement Performed At Room Temperature

In a breakthrough in quantum physics, scientists were able to create the phenomenon of quantum entanglement macroscopically using large magnets at room temperature.

That’s it for this week.

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