Does digitalisation make you more productive? What is really important about the "work 4.0" concept

HRM Expo, Cologne - August 2015

Mobile tools, robotics and big data are some of the most important technological trends in the workplace today. The Internet of Things, self-driving cars or 3D printing – these technological innovations are not as far in the future as many people tend to assume. New technology brings new types of jobs and methods of working together to companies. How HR professionals can use this development positively and what they can learn from start-ups in this respect will be explained by the "Digital Transformation Strategist", Rudy De Waele (BE/UK) in a keynote speech on Tuesday, 15 September, at the exhibition HRM Expo | Zukunft Personal 2015 in Cologne.

Fail fast and learn from the experience! Interview and Podcast with Rudy De Waele

Worklife Hub - August 2015

Worklife Hub did this interview and podcast with me recently where I talk about the impact of technology on the workplace and what HR can learn from start-ups, in advance of my upcoming keynote at HRM Expo | Zukunft Personal, the largest trade fair for HR management in Europe.

How driverless cars could drive opportunities for marketers

The Drum - April 1, 2015

Mention in this article on how driverless cars could drive opportunities for marketers. On the face of it, the arrival of a driver-free society presents almost unimaginable opportunities for advertisers, as John Reynolds finds out. “The way we think about transport and using cars will change dramatically,” says digital transformation strategist Rudy De Waele. “We won’t own the cars anymore; the cars will just come and pick us up to go from A to B.”

Brands must 'open up' and encourage entrepreneurial thinking to stay competitive

The Drum - December 3, 2014

Brands must "open up" and encourage entrepreneurial thinking within their businesses if they are to drive innovation and keep abreast with future, data-driven economies, according to technologist and innovation strategist Rudy de Waele. While many large brands such as Unilever and Coca-Cola have already accelerated plans for start-ups to make their products more innovative in the retail space, many are still hesitant to “open up” according to de Waele. (...)

Snapchat’s move into money sharing ‘highly underestimated’ and Google Glass unlikely to take off with consumers

The Drum - November 27, 2014

Snapchat’s move into money-sharing with the release of its Snapcash service is indicative of how messaging apps will evolve, according to Shift 2020 technology innovation strategist Rudy de Waele, who also believes Google Glass is unlikely to take off with consumers. Speaking at The Drum’s Disruption Day in London today, de Waele reeled off the numerous areas in which sectors are radically changing as a result of new technologies, and listed Snapchat’s new cash-sharing service as a “highly underestimated” move. (...)

Seven ways our world might be different in 2020

shift 2020 book review on - February 2014

In 2010, futurist Rudy de Waele asked a number of influential doers and thinkers in the mobile space to imagine what 2020 would look like given tech trends of the time. He’s now gone back to those thinkers, plus others from outside the mobile space, and updated this into Shift 2020 – a collaborative book. The book is just over 80 pages long, and it’s in need of an edit in places, but nevertheless there are some interesting ideas in there from fascinating people including Gerd Leonhard of The Futures Agency, Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission, and Kate Darling, researcher in Intellectual Property and Robot Ethics at Harvard/MIT.

20 visions of life in the year 2020

shift 2020 book review by The Next Web - January 2014

2020 is only six years away and yet it’s a nice round number to use as a milestone from which to judge the progress of technology in the 21st Century. Shift 2020 is a new book that has compiled predictions about life in 2020 from a wide range of thinkers and doers in the technology sector. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the book is available digitally in a Kindle edition and iBooks-compatible version, and in paperback and hardcover versions if you’re an aficionado of physical media.

8 Unexpected Ways Technology Will Change The World By 2020

shift 2020 book review by Fast Company - February 2014

How will technology change life by the end of the decade? That's the subject of a new book, called Shift 2020, which explores the future of everything from greentech and health care to 3-D printing and transport. Shift 2020 was edited by Rudy De Waele, a strategist and entrepreneur from the U.K., and includes predictions from more than 70 futurists, thinkers-in-residence, entrepreneurs, think-tank analysts, and academics. We picked out a few ideas that caught our eye. You can purchase the full copy here.