Learning to live (on the future of learning)

by Rudy De Waele and Humberto Schwab published on Medium - February 9, 2016

As new technological innovation is eating the world, the need to improve the connection between the academic and business world becomes dramatically urgent in order to predict future jobs. Our students need to be better prepared for an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing job market and start using the relevant digital tools in a connected platform environment and more reflection towards a purposeful and meaningful future.

Beyond Apps… How Brands Will Interact with Wearable Devices.

by Rudy De Waele published on Medium - November 10, 2014

“The AppStore is the new Rock ’n Roll”, I mentioned in an interview at Mobile Monday Amsterdam in 2008 when hardly anyone understood the implications the app economy would have on many business. With that quote I explained that the mobile app economy is very similar to the Billboard economy of the 2nd half of last century. The ones who made it to the top 20 made a lot of money, the ones following still made good money but the ones after that were trying hard to make a nr.1 hit but actually never really made it. However, the road to get there was about the fun the musicians had enjoying playing together without wondering to make money. (...)

How 3D printing Will Impact Our Future

by Rudy De Waele published on The Next Web - September 20, 2014

The first time I saw a 3D-printer in action was when I participated to the Singularity University Executive Program in the spring of 2011. It was a place that offered corporate executives and entrepreneurs the tools to predict and evaluate how emerging technologies will disrupt and transform their industries, companies, careers and lives. Since then, I have been following the explosion of 3D-printing products and services closely and it’s an integral part in most of my talks for clients and at conferences. (...)

How Mobile Technology is Transforming Africa

by Rudy De Waele, published on The Next Web - July 13, 2013

I started investigating mobile in Africa early 2010, which resulted in the Mobile Trends 2020 Africa document that I curated together with Ken Banks and Erik Hersman, and presented at The Next Web Conference in 2011. Embedded below is a summary of slides from the “How Mobile Technology is Transforming Africa” presentation I gave at the Mobile Innovations @ OCE Discovery event in Toronto in May 2013. (...)