IoT Shifts announcement

IoT Shifts Conference – October 19-20 in Barcelona

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I am excited to announce the IoT Shifts Conference, a new two-day event bringing innovators from the startup, digital and developer communities together with the corporate world to create and advance business opportunities within the Internet of Things (IoT) and explore the intersections between startup innovation ecosystems and corporates moving into the IoT.

In partnership with Claro Partners, the conference will be held at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona on October 19-20 2015. The event will kick off with a day of inspiring talks and panels with visionary speakers from Nike+, MIT, Intel, Ericsson, Misfit, Sigfox, KoruLab, and other exciting companies, exploring the future of IoT.

Early Bird tickets are now available on the website.

We’ll have brand and business leaders revealing practical case studies of how to apply IoT solutions in business-critical areas today.  Our startup showcase will show the most exciting and promising new ideas in the IoT.

You’ll exercise your brain and get your hands dirty in day two with technical workshops (4 spaces for 50 people) and new business model talks by experienced industry leaders.

The conference will include sessions on Retail, Health & Fitness (Quantified Self & mHealth), Gaming, FinTech, Smart Home, Manufacturing, Energy, Smart City and Transportation; and will be relevant for corporations, SMBs, startups and entrepreneurs.

Among our sessions will be “How to design Trust for the IoT”, “How to get IoT products to market”, “How to understand your value proposition” and “How to enhance your consumer experience”.

A networking opportunity will be held during the evening of the first day of the conference.

If you’re interested to speak, direct a workshop, partner, sponsor or volunteer for this event, please send your request here.

IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat

The weekend before the conference, we’re organising the IoT Shifts Transformation Retreat: join Humberto Schwab, Aldo de Jong, myself and some of the IoT Shifts Conference speakers for this brand new, ground-breaking two-day custom designed workshop at a beautiful luxury 5-star resort in Spain.Book your tickets now as there’s  only 5 seats left to join!

Hope to see you there!


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